Leila Russack Getty Images Jeff Spicer Royal Academy of Art Summer Party 2021

Leila Russack is an 80s child born in Finland and raised in Australia. While attending senior schooling, she studied the trumpet and played bass guitar professionally in jazz, blues and rock bands. After graduating University with a business degree, she worked for an extraction company in Mount Isa, where she discovered The Music Shack and began performing her original songs for the local mining community.

Thereafter, she travelled the world, modelling in Paris for artists and furthering her passion for the written word in New York, before settling in London where she writes about the auto industry and art for Luxury Magazine CCercle (Monte Carlo) and became the ambassador for Finnish Ice Driving Academy.

Leila was encouraged to pursue her promises of producing her original music after being introduced to U2’s former tour manager Tim Delaney. She formed Italo Disco Synth Dark Wave group (Quattrovalvole) and released two records on vinyl (Oraculo Records). Leila has collaborated on many tracks for international artists like Jepe and All Eyes on You as Quattrovalvole, releasing on labels including Disco Halal and Mood Music. She is now producing and collaborating under moniker Miss Zagato after Quattrovalvole disbanded.

Leila’s own charming personality, glamour, wit and her lifetime of fast cars and romance drew inevitable parallels with the stories she weaves for her ingenues and sirens central in her music. She is currently writing a book about her creative process.